Executive Leadership

Dr. Gopi K. Punukollu was renowned interventional cardiologist who has been the mentor and guide and has always been a great source of inspiration. GKHS has taken root, grown and flowered in the nurturing hands of heart specialist because he is truly a man with heart of gold.

Message from Mentor and chief Adviser

I am happy to know that GKHS has lined up important projects and also training programs. I am sure with the dedicated leadership, skilled employees, the company would go a long way in fulfilling its dreams and mission.

I hope and wish that GKHS continues to strive in the interest of all its clients and employees and company's activities will go unhindered in many years to come.

Krishna Akula :


Krishna Akula is tech savvy and possesses more than 10yrs of experience in Healthcare Industry. Prior to founding GKHS.  Krishna involved in many domestic and MNCs companies in initial stages and garnered huge live experiences and nuances of business and gained massive knowledge in the field over the years and also involved in many startup projects for various companies.  He nutured and groomed many micro and small business enterprises to give wings to fly high and independently.  He conducted many management training programs as well.

Krishna takes care of oversees sales and all post-sales relationships with customers and is the point of contact for our clients and chief executives.  He has extensive experience in growing both small and very large businesses.